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Brincatti Reusable Bottles: Another Way To Green Your Cleaning Routine

What a week it has been! Back to school, a quick vacation, and several agents and a publisher may be interested in that novel I told you I was writing since baby girl was born. But now that things are back in their normal routine, I’m starting to think about cleaning up the poor neglected house. So it’s well timed that a company named Brincatti offered a review of their reusable wide-neck cleaning and travel toiletry bottles to me recently. These bottles can be used for your own homemade solutions or for storebought solutions you buy in bulk and want to use with a refillable container so you’re not throwing away one plastic container after another (and money with them, of course). The best part about them is that they feature wide openings for refilling in addition to the usual narrow neck openings we’re all used to. It’s just like buying a bottle for window cleaner or a bottle for travel shampoo, but with an extra twist opening that makes it so much easier to reuse.

I tried the spray bottle first, and found that I really liked the gradually adjustable spray nozzle, which gave me a good spray or squirt on whatever I was cleaning. The wide opening of course made it a cinch to refill this with other solutions, so no messes or frustration reusing this. How much will this innovative new design cost you? $3.65 for one, and discounts beyond that for multiples. I know!

The traditional narrow neck to these travel bottles remain, but imagine how much easier it will be to clean and refill these after traveling with the extra wide mouth shown here.

We took a few of the travel bottles on our camping trip, and I was so happy again with how easy these were to clean and fill. My ancient storebought travel shampoo bottle finally kicked the bucket as I was trying to refill it for this trip, so I just switched over to a Brincatti bottle, and I couldn’t have been happier–with the feel of the solid but easily squeezed plastic, the quality flip top, the TSA-approved size. We used the spray bottle for dish soap, and that was a bit too thick to work with the nozzle, but we could just open the narrow top to dispense it, and wash it out using the wide mouth when we got home. Still, just the right size.

The travel set retails at $10, and like I said before, the cleaning bottles are super cheap at $3.65 apiece and down, depending on how many you buy. We love our new set and will definitely be going back to Brincatti for reusable bottles in the future. One of you gets to try both products in our giveaway this week, so get your entries in by following the instructions below. Hopefully I’ll be back next week with some great news on finding an agent. Agh! Maybe I should go clean my house now so I can stop thinking about it.

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