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Diaper Parties by Everything Birth Review of Diaper Parties by Everything Birth and AIO Diaper

We’re now just one week away from that grand prize! Welcome to Day 22 of 29 Diapers’ 29 Days of Christmas, a green baby giveaway event featuring 29 straight days of cloth diaper and green baby product giveaways from Black Friday straight through Christmas Eve! Every day, check back with for another great giveaway. Sponsors for this awesome event include Nifty Nappy, Itzy Ritzy, Leslie’s Boutique, Thirsties, Sloomb/SustainableBabyish, Bummas, Rockin’ Green, Zoe Organics, Rebourne, Crunchy Angel boutique, EcoMom, Weleda, Pure Clean B, The Little Seedling boutique, Annie’s Organics, Diaper Parties by Everything Birth, Babyxpress and Episencial.

And the best giveaway is coming soon: on Christmas Eve, I will be giving away a grand prize Christmas present to one very lucky mama that includes an autographed copy of my book Ecofrugal Baby: How To Save 70% Off Baby’s First Year, a 3-pack of Happy Heinys pocket diapers, a pack of Bummas cloth wipes, an Itzy Ritzy wet bag, Zoe Organics diaper balm, a gallon of Allen’s Naturally detergent from The Little Seedling boutique, a Weleda baby toiletries starter kit, Episencial wash, soothing cream, and face balm to pamper both mom and baby, AND 2 Thirsties Duo Wrap diaper covers with 4 Duo Hemp Prefolds–that’s a $285 value! Merry Christmas, green mamas!

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Diaper Parties by Everything BirthReview of Diaper Parties by Everything Birth and AIO Diaper Giveaway

This review is a little different. Instead of testing a product, I tested the concept of hosting a home party for cloth diapers. That’s what Diaper Parties by Everything Birth are: a chance for moms to see their cloth diaper options in person before deciding which kinds to try.

My party was somewhat unsuccessful, even though I tried twice to make it work. First, my party was all but snowed out (1 guest, lol), so my friend and I had a princely spread and a nice time. But, she had recently spent her cloth diapering budget for the moment at a local shop and was just coming to learn about more kinds of diapers to try in the future. The people who couldn’t come to my first party encouraged me to bring the diaper party kit to a get-together we were already having several days later. For various reasons, they either didn’t come or decided not to purchase any diapers either.

Moral of the story? These parties are great for friends who are interested in cloth diapers, but they will work best if you don’t have a local shop competing with you with nice sales. For people who can’t examine diapers in person at a local store, these parties are a great way to get diapers at good prices, but no one who attended my parties had any real reason to buy right away.

Pros: I was impressed with the number of brands available, especially for pocket diapers (everything from Rumparooz to BumGenius and Thirsties). Diaper Parties also offers skin creams and lip balms and clay face masks to pamper mom, which is a nice addition to a party pack. Also, my closest DP rep was in Wisconsin, and she made herself available during the party by phone to answer any questions. Since most party hostesses wouldn’t know quite as much about cloth diapers as a blogger like yours truly, this is an invaluable feature of these parties.

Cons: I told my friends there would be spa products as part of the party, but the samples were just small jars of each product–not enough to really be tested. Especially for these types of parties, where the guests will be pregnant women or moms who could use some pampering, I would like to see more samples for all the guests to try at the party. Finally, my party pack contained loads of popular pocket diapers, but only one diaper cover. I’m a huge prefold/cover fan, so I would have liked to see a few more covers in the pack, and maybe a hemp insert so people can see how to use hemp to add absorbency to their pockets.

Overall, I think these parties are a fantastic way of introducing cloth to those women not fortunate enough to have a local fluff shop. And for today’s giveaway, we have a nice lavendar-colored snap AIO!

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